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jay panelo’s plan – month one (and two)

January 31, 2010

I have recently joined numerous photography/lomography related projects for the year 2010. One of them is Jeff Nachtigall’s “The Art Of Waiting” project, and it has kept me sane for the past few weeks. Why? Because waiting does.

To date, I still have not decided on what “plan” I’ll be doing for this project… until now. I have finally decided.

I’ll be using a different camera per month. Having thought of different concepts for every month, I’ll be shooting 12 frames for each scheme, which means 3 conceptual frameworks in every month. For the month of January, (well, and February since I only thought about my “plan” a couple of minutes ago), I’ll be using my Holga 135BC loaded with a Kodak Elitechrome EBX 100.

Easily calculated, I’ll be submitting 12 rolls of film, with 36 different concepts of “waiting”.

“Waiting” is exactly atypical in Singapore. Think of the game “Sims” run in 5x speed. From the almost smooth traffic, people jostling for seats in bus and trains, and precise delivery of couriers and messengers. My challenge? – is to hunt moments of “waiting”.

This is my “plan” – and so the hunting begins.

Jay Panelo

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