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let me introduce myself

February 1, 2010

If you’ve been following this blog at all you have noticed that there have generally been three types of posts so far.

  1. posts that tell you something about waiting (in general). These are meant to set the mood or to create a diversion to distract you from some dead space caused by a lack of content for the next two kinds of posts (these nuggets of wisdom don’t write themselves!).
  2. posts that introduce another contributor – with or without some witty banter from yours truly. These are posted as response letters arrive in my mailbox; so far we’ve been formally introduced to 17 waiters.
  3. posts that share a contribution from one of the waiters. These are received via mail or email or carrier pigeon (I’m hopeful), and are generally posted as they come in. Each waiter has committed to submitting at least one of these per month for the year.

This post is of the second variety. Herewith I formally introduce myself. (NB: when I use the word ‘herewith‘, I am generally having fun at the expense of those who actually use the word ‘herewith’; I’d apologize, but I fear I’m not really very sorry.)

I am waiting in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Home of the mall. Each month, I plan to take one picture with a Holga 120N to document what I call waiting for a short time; my Holga is made of plastic, it’s less than a year old, and I am the only owner it has ever known.  I will also take 2 or 3 pictures with my Contina LK to document waiting for a long time; my Contina is made of metal and glass, it’s older than I, and I picked it up at an antique mall for $10.  Each month I will juxtapose a long wait and a short wait within a subtheme.

My subtheme for January is Commute.

What are you waiting for?

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