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Matt Charnock is waiting…

theArtofWaiting: What is your name? Do you go by any other names?
MC: MattCharnock, Matt, Daddy, dad, Far, Ploppy & Jupitus Cole (Though I would consider being called Agamemnon Smith)

tAoW: Where are you waiting?
MC: I am waiting in my office on the upstairs of my house facing a snowy field stretching as far as the eye can see over the tiny village of Stjaer in the larger town of Galten in the city of Aarhus in the country of Denmark, in the north of Europe on the Earth etc etc

tAoW: What is your occupation?
MC: By day I am a Photographer by night I am a dreamer – Ha Ha – (I really shouldn’t drink during the day)

tAoW: Where can we find you?

tAoW: What camera will you be using for the project?
MC: I think I may use a Bronica or a Nikon or a Canon

tAoW: What type of film will we be waiting for?
MC: Wait and see

tAoW: What are you waiting for?
MC: for the waiting to end.

Matt’s contributions:
month one


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