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Lisa Dotzauer is waiting…

theArtofWaiting: What is your name?
LD: Lisa Dotzauer

tAoW: Do you go by any other names?
LD: Lotti, AtomicDucks

tAoW: Where are you waiting?
LD: Oxfordshire, UK

tAoW: What is your occupation?
LD: Student

tAoW: Where can we find you?

tAoW: What camera will you be using for the project?
LD: I’m interested in creative tension(s) and decided to use two very different but much respected and loved cameras; my Holga GN and my Halina Rolls.

tAoW: What type of film will we be waiting for?
LD: Two rolls of Kodak 400 VC in my Holga and two rolls of Klick Max 24 in the Halina.

tAoW: What are you waiting for?
LD: I’m waiting for 2010 to happen and later on telling the tale of one year in words and pictures. (Plus a few other things including graduating, starting my MA and finishing my book)

Lisa’s contributions:
month one
month two
month three


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