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Jeffrey Nachtigall is waiting…

I wonder about perception. How do different individuals perceive different experiences? Sure, we experience love and joy in many different ways, that is clear to me. On the other extreme? Anger? Sorrow? Resentment? We experience those quite differently as well, I imagine. What about the more mundane experiences? How does our perception of those differ? Is anything more mundane in the human experience than waiting? Maybe your perception is that it is not mundane at all. How will I know? I can hardly wait to find out.

theArtofWaiting: What is your name?
JN: Jeffrey Nachtigall

tAoW: Do you go by any other names?
JN: I’ve used dirklancer as an online username ever since I started having to make up online usernames. (If you don’t count my very first online username; I found theinvinciblecaptaincrunch rather tiring to type in every time.)

tAoW: Where are you waiting?
JN: Edmonton, Canada

tAoW: What is your occupation?
JN: theological graduate school administrator

tAoW: Where can we find you?
JN: I post all of my photographs in my lomohome.
I occasionally post stuff on flickr or JPG.
New ideas are percolating for a spot called
I hit enter without a second thought on twitter.

tAoW: What camera will you be using for the project?
JN: A Holga 120N will serve to document waiting for a short time, while my Contina LK will document waiting for a long time.

tAoW: What type of film will we be waiting for?
JN: let me get back to you on that. [Kodak Ektachrome Lumiere 100 & Fuji 64 Tungsten Type II]

tAoW: What are you waiting for?
JN: I’m waiting for the next postal delivery and the end of time (mine or ours, whatever comes first).

Jeff’s contributions:
month one

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  1. February 23, 2010 4:32 am

    your “collection” of those who are waiting is veeeeery good! love the project idea….

  2. Elizabeth Weber permalink
    February 24, 2011 5:47 pm

    Hi there! I’m a Columbia College Chicago student drafting a proposal to curate a show at a gallery on campus. It is tentatively called “Digital Analogs: Intersections in Technology” and would feature old art forms executed through new technology or new art forms executed with older technology, or even old art forms used to capture contemporary life.

    While looking around online, I came across you on flickr and lomography, and saw that you’ve done some work that fits into this idea. I thought I’d contact you and ask if you might like to be in the show, along with artists who work in other media. It wouldn’t happen for at least a year because that’s how long it takes to get these things rolling, but I have to file my proposal before the space gets booked. Please contact me if you’re interested. I don’t know if it will help sell any work, exactly, but the gallery is at the corner of a busy South Loop intersection, so it would give your pictures in particular, as well as the lomo art form in general, a considerable amount of exposure.

    Here’s one that really made me think, “Aha! An intersection in technology!”
    But of course, you might have other work you like better.

    Thanks for your time,
    Elizabeth Weber


  1. let me introduce myself « the Art of Waiting

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