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stéphane scans – month eight

December 4, 2010

* Month 8 (August 2010)
Waiting for … scanning all my films!
New Zealand was really a fantastic trip. We had a whole month travelling by ourselves where ever we wanted and followed simply our inspiration to discover new places in this beautiful country. Of course, it was also a pleasure to shoot with my cameras and I came back with no less than 54 films! Costs a bit to process, but the biggest work is to scan all these negatives!

The scanning work can sometimes be a bit long and boring when you’re not patient enough… Scanning need time, but it’s also a way to discover the pictures you shot in a very progressive way.
I know that I’ll need at least 1 month full-time scanning to have all NZ films on my hard drive, but in the same time it’s a perfect way to live again the travel, to re-discover the places you were and the pictures you shot without remembering it.
All this scanning work keeps the travel alive, reminds you the good time you had on this trip and fills up your mind with new pictures of your discovery!


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