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sarah’s slow season

November 8, 2010

Autumn is the slow season.

While winter is filled with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, and summer contains all kinds of day trips and family gatherings—revolving around movement, and water—autumn is the season where things slow down.  Colors begin to change, gradually.  Trees slowly lose their outer layers.  I wait for leaves to fall and begin contemplating not only the way in which I’ll end my year but the prospects of the one that will immediately follow…isn’t it funny how we don’t get a break in between?

While 2010 has flown past us, this is the moment of the year—every year—where I begin to look forward and back at the same time, always reminded of the importance of staying focused on the present moment and how to enjoy things while they’re here.

Autumn is the season of waiting.  It is also back-to-school time for children (and ambitious college students!).  New friends, new subjects, new knowledge.  But it’s so familiar.  Kids waiting for nothing more than the next moment of their day.

Autumn is a good season for lomographers and, coincidentally, is not only the season in which I discovered the lomo community but also the time of year in which my friendship with a certain project-fiend began to blossom; I believe that a comment left about some playground photos of mine may have been what started it all…

I bring my year full circle with some new playground photos, taken at my old elementary school, with my first try at a new kind of film.  New.  Old.  First.  Cheers to the (im)possibilities!

Because Autumn is personal.


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