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jenni’s sea glass – month eight

September 16, 2010

August 2010
Vacation at last! We all wait for it & my 2 weeks is finally here. I’m in New England on an island N.E. of Boston, MA. in a place where time seems to have stood still. The library still uses the card catalog, the place in which I’m staying has no air conditioning and precious few modern 3-prong electrical outlets and everyone know who the “summer people” are vs. the “year rounders”.

I brought my Polaroid with me and am trying out the Impossible Project’s new color shade film — an exercise in waiting in and of itself as it’s super-sensitive to light even 10 mins. post-picture taking. So it’s not-so-instant photography. Fun results, however.

I collect lots of sea glass here. It’s fun to roll the shards of blue, green & white in my hand as I try to figure out what it was once a part of oh-so-long ago. It’s very meditative for me and is another good waiting exercise. One day can yield 5 pounds of glass, the next only a small pocket full.

Catching up on reading and watching my crazy dog figure out how to swim are also highlights of this much-anticipated time of the year.

Until Sept.


Jenni’s submission was written on the back of this Impossible Project Color Shade pack:

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