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photobooth contest update

September 2, 2010



The handful of readers who pay attention to the things that happen in this little corner of the internet are probably waiting to see the submissions for the photobooth contest. And probably even slightly more interested in finding out who wins the prizes.


We didn’t receive as many entries as we had hoped for, but we did get entries from Canada, the US, France, Italy, and the UK.


Since the contest judging will actually take place in three of those countries it will take a number of days before we announce the winners; in the mean time, let’s share a couple of cool photobooth related things to tide you over.


Any old fashioned photobooth fan should know about Flickr user sars_amandi who has his very own photobooth. In addition to posting many, many photostrips of himself, beginning at 7 pm on the 10th of July he spent 24 hours at his own photobooth, taking photos every 20 minutes by himself and with many friends dropping by. 

(As far as I can tell, the picture on the left was taken at 1 am.)

In 24 hours he took 91 photo strips. Check out the whole collection of photostrips from that day here.

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