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stéphane seeks something – month five

August 6, 2010

* Month 5 (Mai 2010)
Waiting for the Holidays….

Well, I know that can sound totally surreal when knowing that I live in a beautiful place everyone wants to visit for their holidays…. and I have the chance to live there! But I’m not on holidays all time, I have a work to do and having a daily work to acheive here is exactly the same as anywhere else: you want to have a break!
Thus, when living here in Polynesia with a daily routine has the same effect as anywhere else. You get used to the place and what seemed extraordinary at the beginning, looks now more ordinary as you get used to it. So you need a break, something different to re-discover the beauty of the place….
And it’s perhaps even more difficult on a little Island of 100km2 middle in the Ocean…
We don’t make the whole Island tour every week-end and the new things to see on this Island are very limited….
So, a holiday break, go on another Island and see different things is the best thing to do…


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