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ash aspires – month six

July 8, 2010

i’m late! i’m late!

Time could be a black hole, it could be absolutely nothing if we didn’t feel it pulling us so often. We are surely slaves of it. I spend what seems like forever – waiting for things to happen. For our lease to be up. To be free of debts. To be discovered. Most of an artists life is spent tapping their feet, no? There was once a point in my life when I threw away all of my clocks, all of my watches. I quit my job.
I was tired of waiting – time was inevitable. The clocks have since been fed batteries, I embrace time as if it were my lover, and I now spend my time waiting for death. I’m in the car and I think of being pummeled by a semi. I am swimming & scared of invisible currents that may or may not take me under. I dream of being murdered. I’m scared to die – I’m scared to die because I’ve been waiting so long to just be something. I fear I will still be waiting in my grave.

Ash Smith

The tongue like a sharp knife kills without drawing blood.

June – another long month it’s been (& hot, too) I spent most of the month waiting around in the window @ work with a book, and the rest of it wading @ the beach. There is a difference, right? Except one is much cooler than the other.
’til July, friends

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