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wait faster

June 4, 2010

My childhood memories tend to be of “lessons learned”.
Not of sights or sounds or smells or tastes or the way things felt to the touch.
And even then, the memories always fall prey to nostalgia.

We were going on a long trip – Dad had taken all of his holidays at once; which may or may not have been a rarity…details. It was a road trip, my first plane trip wouldn’t be ’til adulthood. The plane trip lived up to all kinds of expectations; adulthood – not so much. Just imagine it, five of us in the Dodge cargo van with the bench seat and single window, hurtling along the interstate, setting up and taking down the musty canvas tent night after night, rushing through state and national parks, eager to reach that same coast that produced the bucket of sea shells that sat in the laundry room above the dryer all these years. The shells left their beach on the coast before I was born, and I had been in love with this trip for months. I was ready for that last week of July, and summer had barely started.

For a couple of weeks, I concentrated on that fourth dimension. I concentrated with all of my prepubescent mind. Time appeared to be some kind of a constant, but if there was a way to will it to pass at a quicker rate, I was going to find it.  I was eleven, and I was done with old fashioned waiting. I needed to wait faster.

No matter how hard I tried, I had no success. Seconds, minutes, hours, and days were passing at their usual rate. No matter what I tried, no matter how I tried, there was no avoiding it, I had to give up my independent quest, and fall back on my source of all knowledge. I asked my mom.

She told me that there are two things you can do to make time pass faster.

Watch TV and sleep.

Apparently, waiting is faster if you shut your brain off.

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  1. June 9, 2010 2:36 pm

    amazing piece.

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