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siân seems a bit obvious – month four

May 19, 2010

My scanner isn’t cooperating tonight, so this post is brought to you sans image. Imagine a single, narrow (standard envelope size), portrait oriented, glossy, blue-green piece of card stock (I’m not so good with colour names), covered in blue block printing on both sides.

side one:

Dear Art of Waiting and fellow waiters, this is my May blog post. Welcome.
May has been a difficult month to get inspired by, I don’t know why. Perhaps I’ve run out of ideas, or perhaps a good one will come to me later in the month. I do have several pregnant friends and relatives (all girls) and so I have been thinking of doing one on bellies and babies. I’ve thought of it before, but it always seemed a bit obvious.
Waiting… for a

side two:

baby. But they are miracles, aren’t they?
That reminds me of something totally left field. I was listening to a talk by Richard Dawkins the other day. He quoted an interaction a peer had:
Creationist: I don’t believe that millions of years is long enough to go from a single cell to the complex beings we are today.
Peer: But you did it yourself, and it only took you 9 months.
I guess babies are worth photographing, because they’re worth waiting for.


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