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ky comments- month three

April 29, 2010

The past two weeks have been a struggle to get anything written down or even images made for this project.
I keep having ideas, good ideas to pursue but then by the time I get around to having a free moment to try it or make a note the original idea has lost its strength.
One of the ideas which has become so dilute in my memory came to me when I was coming back after a weekend away.
The journey had been nondescript and fairly quick until I was within a couple of miles of home. Then the traffic lights took control and the journey almost doubled in length due to ‘waiting’ for the lights to change.
I was pondering why people are so impatient at the lights and will roll forward in anticipation of change, sometimes jumping them all together. What was the point when the next set was visible only two hundred yards down the road. Racing to ‘wait’ maybe we shouldn’t have the amber light here in the UK. Amber should mean prepare to stop or prepare to go inevitably it means go as fast as you can so you are through before its Red or rev up and roll! Londoners pretending not to wait…inevitably then do!

This month is full of expectation for many reasons. It will be the second part of my Pinhole Solargraph workshop and so we shall be collecting the contents of at least some of the pots placed around the DRNR site. The ones I can reach will get the reward, after waiting 1 month to see an image on their small precious pieces of photo paper.

Those I haven’t taken in will have to learn to be patient and wait another month. This project is a year long, it was started in Feb. and runs till next Jan. When we as a group will take in the last of the solargraphs and bring together all the images we have made into a book. The anticipation and the waiting game is so different on many levels for this group as the ages of the kids are so varied. For the most part they seem content to…

…wait without too much problem. I wonder if the first month was easier as they didn’t have any expectations. Now that the majority have seen their first images they are now all too eager to have more-
They will need to wait.
All the best

Oh, I nearly forgot Jeff
March was the month to use the BBF.

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