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jenni’s new job – month three

April 7, 2010

When I received this postcard from Jenni, all I could think of was the pun-laden song that my kids have been listening to lately. The best line in the song – if ‘best’ means the line that stays in my head, day after day – is “what did Della wear boys? what did Della wear?”

I can hardly wait until the day they wear out the CD.


March 2010

Hey Jeff!

This month began with some agonizing, EXCRUTIATING waiting that left me stressed, not sleeping or eating well, and in general VERY unpleasant to be around. The end of the month has found resolution (the END of waiting) for not only my stressful problem, but a few nice extras. FINALLY! I’m done waiting for…
1. News about a new job… I GOT IT! WOO-HOO
2. FINALLY going to be in a collaborative photo show with toy/vintage camera works! Details to follow…
3. Got to go to the Dump! I remember going with my Dad as a kid & it was a wasteland of beautiful old, rusty things. I went with my son & husband and took a B&W roll of my finds for this month’s project
5. Finally got an SX-70 and some film to match it and have started some crazy instant-photo manipulations.
Until April…


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