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sarah counts the seconds – month two

March 24, 2010


Sometime in March…

Dearest Jeff,
I’m beginning to wonder if you spoke w/ my Karma gods upon my agreeing to participate in this project. February was unlike any month I’ve seen before. Ever. Travelocity and Chase teamed up & put a stronghold on my account, stopping me from making a purchase that Anthony & I have been planning for for at least a year. I interviewed (my first one, ever) for an editor position for SOU’s publication West Wind Review. The economy has been kicking my ass as I’ve struggled to find a new job after leaving my old one. I picked someone up at an airport. A “20 minute” Dr. visit to pick up a prescription sent me on my way 2+ hours later. And, *cue music* I developed my first roll of film in a darkroom.
So you see, it’s been a busy month: waiting for holds to drop on my account (it did NOT happen within 48 hours.), waiting to book a flight and hotel for Tokyo, Japan (all done! Dec 8th – 22nd…more WAITING), waiting to hear my interview results (I got it! = free trip to Denver next month for the AWP –a BIG 4 day writing conference. I am So anxious for April!) Waiting to be employed again (I am 🙂 ), waiting in a waiting room (the worst by far!), waiting at an airport (the BEST kind), staring up at the big Medford, OR clock & then looking at the Tokyo, Japan clock and the Denver, Colorado clock–seriously!–next to it, (in the airport at Medford, in case that wasn’t clear) and *waiting* for the fixer, stop bath, etc. in intervals of 2 or so minutes, completely redefining my understanding of the length of 2 minutes, as well as the relationship between movement and time (like, I’d stand there [when printing on photo paper that must be developed] for a whole 2 minutes and try to count it be in 15 second intervals to trick myself into feeling like 2 minutes isn’t a damn long time; but then I’d step out of the room briefly to drop something off @ the air dryer during my next 2 minutes, and when I’d come back, *boom* the 2 minutes was already up!), an intensely satisfying yet agonizing combination of waiting for my first ever personally developed roll of film (it was Ilford and yes, it did turn out!)
I think the only thing that could’ve added to this letter is if I would’ve written it while in the hospital…but that’s a story for March’s entry! 😉

Be good,
a.k.a. Strangelilgirl

Quick, (extra) happy version:
I’m employed, an official editor, going to Denver, leaving the country, healthy and safe, a *real* film photographer, and happily waiting for it all to keep getting better & better!

(plus that clock thing was just too cool!)

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  1. March 31, 2010 3:51 pm

    I feel out of breath!

  2. paramir permalink
    April 1, 2010 12:25 pm

    indeed! great one…

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