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a spring contest

March 21, 2010

I have four keys on my keyring.
The first key is for my 9 year old Toyota Echo – we bought it new in 2001. It was a bright moment in my life when we walked out of that Toyota dealership knowing that we didn’t pay too much. We spent 5 hours working the salesman down, and I know that they didn’t make much money on me that day, but I was willing to wait him out to get the price I wanted. My wife and I share this lovely four-door, so sometimes having this key is more symbolic than anything else.
The second key is for my house. My house. This is another thing that I’m confident I didn’t pay too much for. We knew what we were looking for, we had reasonable expectations, and we were looking more for a neighbourhood than a house. I don’t make a lot of money, but my name is on the title for a house.
The third key is for the graduate school where I work. It’s only 4 blocks from my house, and I have the master key. It’s a nice feeling to have a certain level of responsibility. I once lost this key between my car and my house. In the snow. I found it four months later when the snow melted.
The last key is for my bicycle lock. My bike is a retro, 6 speed, 5 star, Schwinn cruiser. It’s more style than function. When my lovely wife is making use of key #1, and I need to get between key #2 and key #3, I have two options. My feet, or my bike. Right now, I’m waiting for the remainder of the snow to melt so I can unlock my bike.

Even though the snow isn’t all gone, the calendar tells me that spring is here. We’ve waited long enough for this season to arrive, so I think it’s about time we held a contest. If you need another toy camera, or if you wish you would have been invited to participate in this project, or if you just like getting free stuff, check out the contest details here.

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