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February 5, 2010

I have a huge mailbox. It’s not even really a mailbox, it’s more of a mail cupboard, maybe even a mail cabinet. Before you begin accusing me of unnecessary exaggeration, consider these inside dimensions: 36cm x 44cm x 214cm (that’s 14″ x 17″ x 84″ for the Americans in the audience). I could stand up inside of it if it wasn’t so claustrophobic.

This mail cabinet is built in to the wall just beside my front door, and it is big enough to store pretty much any package that arrives unannounced. However…the employees of the post office who happen to work in my neighbourhood don’t seem to be aware of this. Yesterday, I opened up my mail cabinet to find a Delivery Notice, directing me to venture to the nearest post office to pick up a package, tomorrow – TOMORROW!

I would have to wait through the evening, through the night, and through the work day, before I could feast my eyes on what ever package of goodies was sent my way. I made it as far as lunchtime before begging a co-worker to drive me to the package pick-up.

I’d tell you what was in the package, but I’m going to make you wait a day or two; it does have something to do with Nic Nichols, who now waits with us,  in Delaware…

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