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siân scrapes in – month one

February 4, 2010


Wow. I think I’ll just scrape in with my blog entry. Although it’s coming all the way from Oz so maybe I’ll have a little leeway. The next entry will probably be typed on my old typewriter, but it’s out of commission at the moment. And I promise to get it in a little earlier!

This month has been very hard for waiting. After all the gratification of Christmas, and the joy of having my Diana in my hands (finally), to wait to see what kind of images she produces was rather difficult. As a way around it, I’ve decided to shoot a couple of reels each month. One for my own purposes, and one for the project.

That way, even though I’m not cheating, I’m gaining more experience about what works and what doesn’t on the Diana. So hopefully each month will improve.

At first I toyed with the idea of a waiting “theme”, such as water, and focusing all my images around that. But I think I want to go with the flow a bit more, and see what topics grab me each month, This month it did just happen to be water, and I’ve taken lots of shots of birds waiting to be fed around the beaches of Coolangatta, where I went for a mini-break.

I’ve made a special bowl which my date-marked “Art of Waiting” reels will go into, along with a notepad and some frame descriptions so that I can keep the months straight.

I’m happily waiting and learning.

Siân Taylor (colonizethemoon)

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