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arne makes our acquaintance – month one

February 3, 2010

I didn’t know Arne when he expressed an interest in this project 4 weeks ago. I still don’t. I saw a few of his pictures on flickr, and thought to myself, “it seems this project is lacking a Latvian architect…and what have we here? someone who fits that description and shoots with a Holga!” I introduce you to Arne with the text that he emailed to me. I am still waiting for his mailed response.

Thank you for inviting me to the project. I’ll send you over my filled form of participating soon. And here’s my contribution to the site about January:
Everything is frozen by now. Here in Northern Europe we’ve had six weeks of thrilling cold, including enormous snowfalls. My photographic subject for this project will be water and it’s four seasons. I’m running three images a month on Holga 120 using black & white film. Days shift by and I already know that, actually, you don’t even need to wait, because sooner or later the moment will come and pass by. This is how water changes its state from gas to liquid and then to frozen. Every situation in my life has found its right moment and it is only photography that can capture these moments. Capturing moment is like freezing water – a nonlinear flow of time being water in my case. Even if this turns out too philosophical, I’ll understand it after around a year in 2011.
Arne Riekstins

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