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ky’s kick start – month one

February 2, 2010


Sun 24th
Waiting —

I’ve googled “waiting” and I’m quite bemused by the results, currently three items top the list; a film, a play, and a song. I am still waiting for inspiration, maybe for something to enlighten me, maybe the kick start I need is in opposition to that which I have become accustomed, it will be hard

If I’m not waiting than I must be doing something, therefore am I no longer waiting, which means I am not following through with this project?!!

Of course, I could be waiting for many things and it seems that these days and even before this project started I had become used to waiting. Waiting till the time was right, time to pursue an interest, to play a game, to make, to see ones children achieve, to draw, paint, or make that one image that I have been waiting for.

1 year, 23 days, and nineteen hours later, I finally started my “P-Sharan” pinhole cam. Two and a half hours later, completed and loaded, I now wait again to use it.

I shall find the right time and then I shall wait again
with you all.


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