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tread’s words of encouragement – month one

January 24, 2010

I should kick Tom Petty’s ass if I ever get to meet him (again). The waiting ain’t the hardest part.  But you don’t have to live like a refuge. Alright Treaders, stay focused, focused, son. Waiting is the enjoyable part, then you get whatever it is, and that part is cool or can be, unless it’s your comeuppance. Is that a word, comeuppance? Spell check let it pass=word, I guess. Yes, waiting, good, the getting what it is, good, too. Then there’s the having, which over time sort of diminishes a bit and then you get to begin the waiting for something else, so it can get good again. So it’s all sort of this thing, ah what do you call it, yeah, a circle, that’s it, it’s like round and doesn’t end with the waiting and the getting and the having and the waiting and the…oh, you’ve gotten it by now I bet. I’m waiting for you to get it, you got it, now you have it. You can start waiting again…


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  1. January 25, 2010 12:07 am

    Not my focus… but I have a friend who would love this site… i’ll pass it along

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