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sarah’s cryptic contribution – month one

January 23, 2010

In the detailed and possibly unnecessarily lengthy invitation letter for the Art of Waiting, one of the directives to the participants required them to agree to the following:

A minimum of one written contribution for the website per month. This is your way of expressing what you hope to have captured on film. This could be a technical description of how you prepped for the shoot. It could be a story about what is in the shot, who is in the shot, or what lead up to it. It could be what you were looking for when you found the opportunity to take the shot. It could be your attempt to describe what you hope others will see in the image. It could be a cryptic poem. It could be haiku. It could be… get it? It must relate to the concept of waiting. You may divulge in your writing as much or as little of the nature of the intended images as you would like. It should have something to do with the final images.

This is what I received this week, on a single piece of card stock in a small, nondescript envelope, from Ms. Sarah Cunningham.

strangelilgirl january updateTranscript:

My journal is complex,
this project is environmental stimuli,
and there is absolutely no reasoning to
any of this.

I have no idea what she’s waiting for.

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