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i love waiting

January 20, 2010

Last week I was interviewed by writer, Dave von Bieker (who also happens to be a contributor to the Art of Waiting). The interview was done in a one-question-at-a-time-via-email style, which I found quite appropriate…he had to wait patiently for my considered answers, and I had to wait patiently for the next question.

I always feel more comfortable answering questions in writing – it’s probably because I come off sounding like even more of a fool when I ramble on in person.

Now that I re-read what I said about the project on Dave’s site, I realize that I probably described the project better there than I have anywhere on this site. So, if I may be so bold to quote myself here…why don’t I tell what the Art of Waiting is all about?

The Art of Waiting is about one thing and many things. On the surface, it’s a collaborative project centred on the theme of waiting. But under that it’s about many other things that I think are very much related to each other: it’s about film photography, it’s about toy cameras, it’s about sharing a theme, it’s about international postal delivery, it’s about pen pals, it’s about observing the things in life as they happen, it’s about noticing things you hadn’t noticed before even though they were always there, it’s about interconnectedness, it’s about commitment, it’s about accountability, it’s about finishing something you started, it’s about language, it’s about the evolution from the daily habit of checking your mailbox to dangerous obsession of repeatedly checking multiple sites and networks for new messages all too frequently throughout the day, it’s about expectation, it’s about anticipation, it’s about patience, it’s about perspective, it’s about relationships, it’s about community, it’s about hope, it will at some point be about disappointment. It’s about not being about instant gratification, and it’s not too much about ones and zeros. And to be honest, some of it is about me talking to myself and really wanting someone to pay attention.

But mostly it’s about waiting.

Check out the full interview here.

It’s been a little over 2 months now since the waiting began, and the evidence of this endeavour is starting to mount in my mailbox. For those who have received invitations (or will receive them any day now) and return the response forms to me soon, there may be a tangible reward making it’s way back to you.

You can also follow the Art of Waiting on twitter, or subscribe to email updates at the bottom of this page (on the right, under Waiting List).

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