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waiting by the numbers

January 19, 2010

Ever since my first real full time job, I’ve always been paid to be concerned about numbers; inches, kilograms, piece counts, sales, dollars, yen, credits, registrations, enrolment…it doesn’t really matter what the job or industry, it seems that something is always being counted.

Tonight, the Art of Waiting is no different. Let’s count shall we?

I have now been purposefully and specifically waiting for 67 days.
I have sent vague requests for physical contact information to 42 potential collaborators.
I have receive the aforementioned personal information from (and mailed detailed invitations) to 38 talented individuals.
I have somehow or another confirmed (without directly asking) that my letters were received by 24 of their intended recipients.
I have received the requested replies and implied commitments from 13 waiters.
I have received the first contribution from 1 participant… (you’ll have to wait for it.)
I have been interviewed by 1 blog writer.
I have received a preliminary offer from 1 potential project sponsor.
I have spent $53.40 on postage.
And I wait.

The lucky 13th collaborator is  Corinne Baudevin. She is waiting in Southern France, and that’s why I think she’s lucky. 😉

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  1. January 20, 2010 12:48 am

    A potential sponsor?!!! Wow, like…so money is involved? ;D

    Dude…this is bigger than the LC-A race if you ask me!

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