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beginning to wait and waiting to begin

January 1, 2010

“All right. The wait is over. This, my friends, is my freeze ray.” -Dr. Horrible, Act II, Scene II.

Is there anything as anticlimactic as finally reaching the point where you can officially begin to wait?

Officially, this project has begun.
Technically, it began about 6 weeks ago.
Practically, we have hardly even begun to wait.

In the invitation sent to each of 37 potential participants I shared the following:

The project will begin in January 2010 and last for one year. The requirements have some flexibility, but each participant agrees to the following:

  • A minimum of one picture per month. You may choose to do more, but you need to decide on a parameter for yourself at the beginning and stick with it. If you decide to do a full roll per month, that’s fine, but the next rule still applies.
    • sample plan 1: Using a reloaded disposable camera with a 36 exposure roll, participant 1 shoots one concept each month (taking 3 pictures of each concept in case one or two don’t turn out)
    • sample plan 2: Using a Holga 120N set on 12 pictures per roll, participant 2 shoots only one frame per month (waiting very patiently for the right light, of course!)
    • sample plan 3: Participant 3 shoots a full 24 exposure roll throughout each month, using a different camera each month, because he just can’t get enough, and really wants to show off his collection of toys. (He also remembers to store the exposed rolls in a safe place and develop them all at once in 2011)
  • Nothing gets developed until January 2011.
  • A minimum of one written contribution for the website per month. This is your way of expressing what you hope to have captured on film. This could be a technical description of how you prepped for the shoot. It could be a story about what is in the shot, who is in the shot, or what lead up to it. It could be what you were looking for when you found the opportunity to take the shot. It could be your attempt to describe what you hope others will see in the image. It could be a cryptic poem. It could be haiku. It could be… get it? It must relate to the concept of waiting. You may divulge in your writing as much or as little of the nature of the intended images as you would like. It should have something to do with the final images.
  • All pictures taken for the project are shared at the end of the year. All images will remain the property of the photographer. However, they will be shared publicly on the project website.
  • You will attempt to capture what it is to wait. That is the only parameter for the image.

Some participants may begin to make their first images today. Those who wait are already thinking thoughts and capturing the wait in their own way. Some are waiting to see when I receive their letter in the mail announcing their participation in the wait. Some are procrastinating as they look at the invitation on the pile of papers on their desk. All of this is the art of waiting.
And this is where we will share our experience in words for the next 365 days. And then in images beginning a year from today in 2011.

I can hardly wait.

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