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What are you waiting for, Christmas?

December 26, 2009

That was the question I heard frequently as a child – usually from my older siblings – when I was lagging behind. I knew they meant to tease me a little because, as the smallest in the family, I was frequently the slowest – but I was apt to slow down even more as I began to daydream about Christmas… I would be calculating the amount of days in my head when I would be jarred by a less friendly demand, “C’mon! We’re all waiting for you!”
Yes, I still daydream a little.
This phrase was also used annually as an obligatory joke on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas. As kids we thought this was hilarious. (I secretly still think it’s funny.)

On the day before Christmas I received two more responses in my mailbox. One from Australia, and one from Kentucky.

SiânTaylor is a bit of a writer who likes to take photos, and Larry Treadway is a bit of a photog who likes to write. (That’s probably an unfairly simplistic way to describe these two, and may turn out to be wholly inaccurate, but the sentence just looked too good to delete and rewrite. Some days are like that… I’m going to eat cake.)

You can click on “Those Who Wait” at the top of the page at any time to see how the list of participants is growing with every mail delivery. What are you waiting for, Christmas?


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