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the panel o’ photogs increases

December 22, 2009

It was a busy evening in our house tonight. We enjoy socializing during this frigid winter season, and “Christmas” is always a good enough reason to invite friends over for dinner. Who needs a reason anyway, right? Tonight’s company consisted of an elementary school teacher, a social worker, a police officer, a stay-at-home artist/dad, and their four children. Conversation drifted from topic to topic and eventually landed on the Art of Waiting. One of our dinner guests has also been invited to participate in this project, but I’m still waiting for him to return his “interview”. Out of all of the invites that were sent, his was the only that I could hand-deliver, in fact, he is the only participant whom I have ever met face-to-face. I’m sure you’ll be meeting him soon.

None of the recipients of invitations had been told who else was invited, but many of them already know each other.

I saw this interchange on Twitter today:

HolgaJen Check out this cool photo project I’m involved in RT @theartofwaiting more waiters await…

gotreadgo I’m in 2. RT @HolgaJen: Check out this cool photo project I’m involved in RT @theartofwaiting

HolgaJen @gotreadgo sweet! we shall wait together

I hope there are a few pleasant surprises for the participants as they begin to gather virtually to contemplate our theme.

As the responses make their way to my mailbox and onto this site, the public awareness of the participants grows.

A couple of little birdies tell me that Jay Panelo is waiting in Singapore.  He sent a little foretaste of his stylings in the envelope to accompany the letter on its overseas journey…

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  1. dirklancer permalink*
    December 23, 2009 3:15 pm

    I just noticed the poor quality of these images (sorry Jay) – I’ll try to rescan and upload them later…

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